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What´s new in 2021?

Well, quite a lot and more than I would have ever thought about a year ago. 2020 was definitely a special year, it started pretty solid for me with another trip to South Africa and shadowing the coaching staff of the Stormers, the Cape Town based rugby team. I always like learning new things and shadowing other coaches is benefitting me in a way no CPD course can, but that´s a topic for another blog coming soon.

This one is about what´s new in 2021 for me: I am very happy to announce that I´ll start working as a coach and consultant on a freelance basis. I´m very thankful for my time at the German Weightlifting Federation and everything that I´ve learned and experienced. It´s been almost three very eventful years in different roles and endless opportunities to grow as a coach and a person. But I figured out for myself, that I prefer to work with a variety of athletes from different sports and backgrounds and help more clubs and organizations to grow and evolve in the field of athletic development. I want to be more open to athletes from different countries and start exciting new projects.

That´s why I´ve started EO Performance and offer not only remote coaching, programming, and (barbell) workshops or seminars, but also support in developing athletic development programs. I´ve done a lot of conceptual work in talent identification and development and want to share my knowledge and experiences.

In the past years, I´ve worked with quite a variety of different sports like rugby, handball, athletics, or equestrian and I´m looking forward to adding more sports to the list and help athletes to perform better in their sport.

My weightlifting background will definitely play an important role in this new adventure, but it´s definitely not limited. Implementing the olympic lifts and other barbell exercises into athletic development programs and how to coach them will be part of different practical and theoretical formats I´ve created and I´m also offering a few more 1:1 remote coaching spots for weightlifters and other athletes.

In January I will start an exciting new project as an expert for the “École nationale de l’éducation physique et des sports(ENEPS). The ENEPS is subordinated to the sports ministry of Luxemburg and leads the physical education and sports coaches education. I will work on physical profiles for different sports and support the strength & conditioning coaches CPD together with a great team in Luxemburg. I´m looking forward to that.

What else is new? I think that´s actually already a lot and I´m very excited about this journey and where it leads. You will find more information about my coaching offers on my website and don´t hesitate to contact me for any questions, ideas or whatever flows your mind.

Cheers, Isa



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