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Elisabeth Oehler

I grew up playing every sport available and always had a huge obsession with sports events. 

I still remember that I sneaked out of my bed in the middle of the night to watch every competition of the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000.

In 2014 I fell in love with the barbell and competed successfully at national level in Olympic Weightlifting.


In 2017 I started coaching at grassroots level. I coached in primary schools and taught movement fundamentals to the kids. The focus was on developing motor skills and later teaching them a variety of techniques like snatches, cleans or squats.

At the same time I got more and more involved in Strength & Conditioning and preparing athletes to perform at an elite level in individual and team sports. On a voluntary basis, I coached a U16 rugby team and introduced them to strength training in the gym. Moreover, I got the opportunity to work with the players of the men´s national rugby team (Germany 15s) and provide individualized programs for strength, power and speed development. I regularly shadow other coaches and visit teams on elite level to learn and grow. Mainly professional rugby.


From 2018 - 2020 I worked for the German Weightlifting Federation. I was  the Head of talent ID and responsible for finding and recruiting young talents for Olympic Weightlifting. I mainly did strategic and conceptual work in the fields of talent identification, crossover athletes and long-term athlete development.

I have coached primary school kids, youth athletes, weightlifters, professional rugby players and fitness enthusiasts who just want to stay in shape. I´ve coached in schools, universities, clubs and high-performance environments.


I´m a very pragmatically thinking, communicative and creative coach, who believes in realness, simplicity and efficiency in everything I do. As a coach, I have a holistic approach on athlete development. It´s the easier task to make athletes stronger, faster and more powerful. Besides the physical performance aspects I want my athletes to develop mental toughness, integrity, the ability to work in a team, discipline, respect and leadership skills on and off the field or competition floor. I care about my athletes. A lot. I don´t just want them to be faster, stronger and win more trophies. I want them to be good people.



2018-2021: Sports Science BA

Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

2020-now: Sport Coaching MSc

University of Birmingham

Certificates & Training

Olympic Weightlifting High-Performance Coach (A-Licence), German Weightlifting Federation

Mobility Trainer, Technical University of Munich

Strength & Conditioning for Youth Athletes, German Sport University Cologne

Coach for Youth High-Performance Sports, DOSB Trainerakademie/ German Olympic Sports Confederation

Sports Performance Analysis, Northumbria University Newcastle

Workload and Injury in Team Sports, Barca Innovation Hub


Experience & Skills

High-Performance Sport
, Rugby, Equestrian, Basketball, Handball, Football

Strength, Speed & Power Training
Long-Term Athlete Development
Talent Identification
Performance Analysis
Mobility, Prehab, Return to Play

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