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Eden Syme


"I met Isa when she was one of the S&C coaches for the German National 15’s team from January till March 2019. In the preparation for the Rugby European Championships test matches Isa wrote all the gym programs for the team. She was excellent at personalizing the programs we did for different positions and modifying them around injuries. The programs Isa wrote for us was perfect for increasing strength but not causing fatigue and she had an excellent understanding about managing work loads but still increasing desired results.
Isa also wrote programs for me personally for club rugby and always made the programs work with my time schedule of work and weekend games. I was able to increase strength and speed but manage injuries. While using Isa’s programs I increased my bench press, hang cleans, squats each week and significantly over all. Although when writing my personal program Isa was often out of town for work or unable to attend the gym session with me she was always available for any questions about the program and all the rehab and prehab exercises were explained and provided in great detail. I would highly recommend getting a gym or speed program by Isa to any rugby players who need to build muscle, strength or improve speed over the off season, preseason or maintain muscle and manage injuries during the season."


Julius Nostadt


"The first time I worked with Isa was, when she was involved with the German Rugby National 15’s team in 2017/18 as a S&C coach.
I really enjoyed working with her, we kept in touch, and she was designing regular indivdualized gym programs, which I was following even back at my former rugby club in Aurillac (ProD2 Rugby). We had a really good athlete-coach-relationship and Isa was really reliable on monitoring and coordinating my weekly efforts which helped me to stay in a good shape and injury free during my hole time in Aurillac. During the lockdown period Isa took care of my programs as well and she was preparing me really well for my move from Aurillac (ProD2) to Castres (Top14 Rugby). We kept the same routine of weekly individualized programs, but apart from the gym sessions she took care of my running and fitness programs aswell. I really enjoyed working with her and the results were really satisfying, because I had no problem to integrate  into my new club "fitness wise", even though the physical demands where higher than in my former club.
Another thing I like to underline, is the communication Isa has with her athletes and the ability to adapt her programs to the needs of each player to get the best possible result. I really enjoyed the whole period we were able to work with each other and I would like to do it again as soon as possible, probably for my next season preparation."


Max Wils


"Isa and I met at a conference a few years ago and I could tell from the get-go that she is a very humble but incredibly smart person and I knew that I wanted to be coached by her. Once I realized how much she really knows about her craft and how much she cares about her athletes, I knew that I made the right choice. Her enthusiasm, her energy and her drive to make her athletes reach their full potential is unmatched. Not only does she want to improve her athletes performance and their mindset, but she herself is on a constant search for improvement in order to be the best coach she can be. Being a coach myself I must admit that I rarely met other coaches who are as eager to learn and improve their coaching skills as Isa. I didn't just find a coach, but a very good colleague and I can't wait to see what the future holds for her. The results will speak for themselves."

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