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Interview - Strength & Conditioning in Olympic Sports

I got the opportunity to talk to Christian Bosse, a S&C Coach for the National Commitee of the Netherlands. We talked about my journey into coaching and talent identification. The importance of the Olympic Lifts in Strength & Conditioning and strength training for children.

Furthermore, we discussed

· How I got into Strength and Conditioning

· My work as Head of Talent Identification for the German Olympic Weightlifting Federation

· My recollection of the Sydney 2000 Olympics where Women’s Olympic Weightlifting was introduced

· The role of Olympic weightlifting in Strength and Conditioning

· How long it takes to learn the technique of the Olympic Lifts

· The similarities and differences between S&C for youth athletes and mature athletes

· Strength training for kids: Is it dangerous?

· The talent identification process in the Olympic Weightlifting

· Testing motor skills and what kind of motor skills are best tested

· How does the LTAD framework in Olympic Weightlifting look like

· What other sports are beneficial for Olympic Weightlifting



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