Masters Online Barbell Club

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The Masters Online Barbell Club is a template weightlifting program designed to improve the snatch and C&J technique and basic strength. It´s a virtual gym for Masters weightlifters.

The training cycles are based on international Masters competitions. You will get a program for 3 training sessions per week, each session consists of warm-up with mobility and prehab exercises, the olympic lifts, accessory work and cooldown suggestions.

The program will be delivered weekly on the TrueCoach App and you can upload videos of your lifts and receive feedback from me regularly. I can communicate in German and English.

There will also be a monthly live Q&A (Zoom) on a specific topic related to weightlifting and Masters weightlifting in particular.

Experience in basic weightlifting techniques is required, but competition newbies or Masters lifters without intentions to participate in competitions are welcome!

Price: 30 €/month